Warranty Policy

Sonashi warranty will be for 2 Years “24 months”. If the received product is in warranty, it will be repaired and will be re-sent to the customer. If a repair is not possible or is deemed uneconomical, Sonashi may agree to replace the product. Replacement will be offered at Sonashi discretion and the warranty will continue from the date of original purchase.

    • If the product is damaged, mishandled or misused, the customer can’t claim for warranty.
    • To claim warranty, original sale receipt and warranty card should be provided.
    • If you don’t receive the product within 15 days of placing the order, you can’t claim for warranty.
    • Please note that the warranty is valid for 2 Years “24 months” on all products. So, you can’t claim for warranty afterwards.
    • This warranty covers fault in manufacture and materials.
    • The warranty is free for 2 Years from the date of purchase. No charge will be made for parts or labor involved; only transport charges shall be paid by customer.
    • Commercial use of Sonashi appliances will void the warranty. 
    • If the warranty period has expired or if any of the warranty conditions has been violated, customers will be responsible to bear the repair cost. The final repair amount will be determined by the team upon assessment.
    • The warranty is invalidated under The following circumstances
      • If the appliance is not used in accordance with the instrutions supplied or is misused.
      • If damaged after a fall or a shock.
      • If connected to a higher mains voltage supply.
      • If dismantled or tampered with in any way.
      • If product is defective due to wear of parts, which are consumable parts by their nature. 
    • Non-electrical parts are not covered under warranty (e.g. Blender Jar, Vacuum Hose, Juicer lid etc)